How Professional Bull Jumping becomes a Bridge between all the « TAURINOS » Cultures.

More than 20 000 years of veneration of the AUROCH, the ancester of the Fighting Bull, preceed the first testimony of a Human facing a Fighting Bull.

From the Minoans Athletes 1400 years BCE, the Romans influence 2000 years ago to the first MATADORES DE TOROS in SPAIN, the Birth of the COURSE LANDAISE in FRANCE in the 1700s, the apparition of the RECORTADORES in Spain and the American Freestyle in the 1990s, the TORO BRAVO, living incarnation of the AUROCH has always fascinated, scared and motivated the Humans to face him, pass him or also kill him.

Still today, all around the world, in every « Taurinos » communities, you will find a Bull Jumping culture like if to face and jump the animal was the first way to show your skills.

In this short and humble page of story, you will discover 3400 years of story relating the humans already jumping and facing venerates Bulls and how we build today an humble bridge between the past and the future.

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